How to Write Content that Generate Website Traffic

Content marketing is now more successful than ever. Why? Simply because get results! In this article I am going to explain why it is better than ever to boost traffic with a good content.
When talking about generating traffic to a website, think of SEO, which remains the main source of traffic for a website. Now are other SEO solutions companion to generate qualified traffic to your website.
The marketers who couldn't be bothered to write quality content no longer do so because poor content has got their web sites penalized from the search we particularly  engines.
So it means that there is a lot less real competition. OK, you are probably thinking "but there is loads of competition!"
If you do a Google search, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the last page of searches, you will almost certainly discover that there are nowhere near as many websites competing for that search term as you first thought.
For example, when I type in weight loss I am given to believe that there are 251,000,000 results! Wow, that's a lot of competition.
However, if I click through to the very last page of results I get to discover that there are only 323 results that Google deems worth showing. All the rest have been omitted because they are very similar to those 323 results!
Writing content online to let others know about you or your business is one of the oldest and popular methods for generating website traffic. Have a look for your own keyword phrases and I am sure you will see that there is not as much competition as you first thought.
For that reason it is a great time to start writing quality content for the search engines. Content that is good for visitors and unique too. If you enjoy writing, then you'll have no problem coming up with ideas for content. If your content is matched to the other web sites already showing in the results then you won't get your site seen.
Having multiple channels of content is even more useful. It means that you have even more chances of being found in the search engines and also from the traffic that is already visiting the websites that you place your content on.
Another point to note is that YouTube and Amazon are also search engines in their own right - there are others too. For that reason it would make sense to add your content there as well, so that you can have advantage from searches there too.